Soul Breakthrough Intensive 

This year the universe is asking from us to

step into our greatness, more than ever before.

Would you like to get clarity on your purpose and direction?

Are you an awakening Soul who wants to know the truth about your path, what you are here to 'do' this life time, how to get there, and your next step in your personal and spiritual growth

You May Be Asking…

I feel that I have a purpose and it's locked inside, how do I unlock it? 

My spiritual path is important to me, how do align with this way of living, further?

I have feelings of not being good enough, not worthy or feeling small, how do overcome this?

How can I best move forward towards personal and business success, easily?”

During our session, we will:

  • Clarify your number one goal in your life right now, so you can start creating your dream life with intention 
  • Identify your biggest unconscious soul block stopping you from going there
  • Release the first layer of this identified block, so you can start moving forward 
  • Uncover your Purpose, what you are here to ‘do’ this lifetime, so you can live from a space of Soul Alignment 
  • Refine and clarify your path, so you feel confident and focused on your next steps 
  • Record your session so you can listen to it again, every time you listen the transmission goes deeper into your consciousness  

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Investment: £295.00

You’ll Receive:

  • 1 Soul Aligned PRIVATE 90-minute sessions
  • Email & Voxer support for one week
  • Powerful Healing of deep rooted subconscious WORTHINESS, POWER & ABUNDANCE blocks
  • The recorded sessions so that you can revisit it, and go a layer deeper each time

What you can expect from a Soul Breakthrough Intensive:

  1. Clarity on your purpose and direction
  2. Feeling empowered and inspired to take action - making your dream real 
  3. Energized and positive about your future 
  4. Blissful and relaxed 
  5. Deeply connected to your Soul energy and intuition 
  6. Grounded and purpose filled
  7. Loved, supported and heard 
  8. Ready to step forward in your life with confidence, ease and excitement 


See What Breakthroughs Others Achieved…

“After having my session with Gennye my appreciation of life here in the UK changed. I changed my life around and started to feel that there was something for me to do here having moved from abroad. Gennye helped me so much to start my new career path and believe in my talents. I feel like a whole new person and my view about life is much more positive. Gennye can help you so much! All you need to do is believe that you can achieve what you want for your life and Gennye will guide you through this path of achieving your dreams.” 


“Every session I have had with Gennye has been phenomenal, she has a fine intuition to get to the root of what needs to be done for the issue at hand, from knowing where to massage to what healing technique she needs to use in our session. I trust her completely.” 


"I had already had my first session with Gennye, but this was taken to a new dimension when Gennye did my reading in terms of relationships. This helped bring about a better understanding of why I have experienced challenges with certain people in my life and provided me with the tools to address these challenges and to build on the positives. Gennye has been there every step of the way for me. In addition to facilitating healing she has provided me with an Empowerment Protocol to further assist me in moving forward with my life and discovering my true potential. Gennye, you are an angel, and I can't express enough gratitude for what you have done foe me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." CAREY LYNNE COLLINS

About Gennye Lion


Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon is a Healer & Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Ascension Facilitator, hugely dedicated to serve other souls so they can align with their purpose this life time.
She is truly committed to helping you being the very best version of yourself!

Gennye was born native Swedish and moved to the U.K in 1998 after a strong Spiritual experience where she had a Soul upgrade called a "Reincarnation in the same body". You may not have heard that before, but this is what brought her onto the Spiritual Path.

Spirituality and mysticism have always been a part of her life.

Gennye loved Astrology from a very young age. The way she perceived life was normal for her but not so normal for most people(!) She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a part of changing the world into a better place

She studied Business and Marketing at the University in Sweden, but being a Spiritual Wanderer, she decided to travel the world and work in hospitality for the years to come. In 1998 she came to London to study Astrology and Esoteric Studies, counselling, coaching,massage and healing. She is a lifelong learner and always striving to go higher and has since 2001 run her own successful Spiritual Soul Aligned Business helping people to align with their Intuitive Super Powers, Clear their Path to Abundance, living healthy, empowered and happy lives.

Gennye lives in Weybridge, Surrey with her family, her 2 children and husband.


It’s Gennye’s mission to inspire and empower people Awakening Spiritually around the world to activate their Spiritual Gifts and Talents and to design a life aligned with their Soul Purpose, filled with personal, spiritual, financial and emotional success...Simply living Heaven on Earth.

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Disclaimer: This single session is designed to unlock your potential and get you on the right track so you can start changing your life now.