From struggle to a Richer Life

Are subconscious MIND BLOCKS blocking your success?

3 Powerful Transform Your Life

Are you a Soul Awakening or a Spiritual Entrepreneur  who wants a truly abundant Life, living from a place of Heart connection, serving from your Soul...but you are having a hard time to trust and incorporate your Spiritual gifts on a daily basis OR make your Soul calling into a successful Soul aligned business?

You May Be Asking…

How do I use my Channel best and to my success?

I feel blocked - how do I release myself from these blocks?

I have feelings of fear and anxiety sometimes which stops my flow - how do I free myself?

How can I best move forward towards personal and business success, easily?”

During these 3 POWERFUL Private Session, you’ll discover:

  • Your Purpose and Mission this Lifetime
  • Your biggest block(s) to living an abundant life and having a successful business...for example Abandonment, Dis-Empowerment, Unworthiness & Mistrust of the Flow
  • Exactly how to remove those blocks so you can attract the perfect relationships, become a successful spiritual Soul aligned Entrepreneur, and embody a rich sense of who you are, and attract exactly what you desire in your life.
  • WHAT TO DO when negative thoughts creep in so you can STOP the vicious cycle of self-doubt and instead feel AMAZING every day, waking up with certainty, no matter what.
  • How to stay INSPIRED and keep a Spiritual routine going so you maintain a deep consistent connection to Spirit daily.
  • How to create your own "Magic Morning", so you can wake up with energy, optimism and an “embrace the world” attitude, so you show up from your heart space confidently day after day.

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Investment: £997.00


You’ll Receive:

  • 3 Soul Aligned PRIVATE 90-minute sessions
  • Email & Voxer support between sessions
  • Powerful Healing of deep rooted subconscious WORTHINESS, POWER & ABUNDANCE blocks
  • Record the sessions so that you can revisit them, and go a layer deeper each time


  1. Knowing your Soul Purpose and Living it, free from Fear and Uncertainty  
  2. Feeling aligned with your Higher Knowing and your Intuition, so that you can make wise choices in life
  3. Having multiple tools to support you throughout the day so that you can stay focused on your Vision – to Create your Dream Life
  4. Having more opportunities - personally, professionally and financially turning up, to support the Abundant YOU


See What Breakthroughs Others Achieved…

"I can say from first hand experience that Gennye is an incredibly gifted channel and guide. She has dedicated years upon years of intense study to her craft and it absolutely shows in the work she does. Her unique combination of power, uncanny intuition and unconditional loving energy... makes her a spiritual facilitator that I recommend to my closest friends with absolute confidence." 

SEBASTIAN MYCHEL CRUZ  | Helping Leaders Decode Their Genius So They Can Achieve More, While Doing Less |

"Working with Gennye has transformed my life in so many ways! Her Clearings and Activations opened me up to things that I didn't even know existed and now I am more connected and on purpose than ever. I have attracted an amazing team and tribe and can't wait to show the world what we are Consciously Creating!  Thank you for all of your guidance. If you are looking to take your life to the next level then I highly recommend you check out Gennye's programs."

LUKE SCOTT | Creating Deeply Connected Conscious Leaders.
TV Show Host, International Speaker & Spiritual Mentor \

“Gennye is an amazing person as with her guidance and knowledge, I initiated the beginning my spiritual journey 3 ½ years ago.  It started with a soul contract reading that allowed me to understand myself, my relationships and my daughter better. At work, it gave me the confidence to apply for a new role that I would have not considered due to low self esteem and low levels of confidence. At home, the new understanding of my daughter’s sensitivity made a major difference in our everyday life. She feels more secure now than ever. "
VALERIE WASCH | Spiritual Creator, Healer & Guide |

About Gennye Lion


Gennye Lion Rainbow Anderzon is a Healer & Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Ascension Facilitator, hugely dedicated to serve other souls so they can align with their purpose this life time.
She is truly committed to helping you being the very best version of yourself!

Gennye was born native Swedish and moved to the U.K in 1998 after a strong Spiritual experience where she had a Soul upgrade called a "Reincarnation in the same body". You may not have heard that before, but this is what brought her onto the Spiritual Path.

Gennye Lion Rainbow

​​​​Spirituality and mysticism have always been a part of her life.

Gennye loved Astrology from a very young age. The way she perceived life was normal for her but not so normal for most people(!) She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a part of changing the world into a better place

She studied Business and Marketing at the University in Sweden, but being a Spiritual Wanderer, she decided to travel the world and work in hospitality for the years to come. In 1998 she came to London to study Astrology and Esoteric Studies, counselling, coaching,massage and healing. She is a lifelong learner and always striving to go higher and has since 2001 run her own successful Spiritual Soul Aligned Business helping people to align with their Intuitive Super Powers, Clear their Path to Abundance, living healthy, empowered and happy lives.

Gennye lives in Weybridge, Surrey with her family, her 2 children and husband.


It’s Gennye’s mission to inspire and empower people Awakening Spiritually around the world to activate their Spiritual Gifts and Talents and to design a life aligned with their Soul Purpose, filled with personal, spiritual, financial and emotional success...Simply living Heaven on Earth.

Sign up for these 3 Powerful Sessions

Investment: £997.00

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Disclaimer: These 3 Sessions are designed to unlock your potential and get you on the right track so you can start changing your life now.